Religious Education


Dear Current, Future, and Former Religious Education Families,

I am very excited to begin planning for our IN-PERSON Religious Education Classes for the Fall.  Did your child miss a year or two or more and needs to get caught up?  No problem!  Just register and I will take care of all the details to help you put a plan together.

 We have a lot of wonderful things planned for next year and hope you will be part of it. In an effort to   evangelize friends and neighbors, please feel free to share this information and invite them as well. If you have a child entering grades 1 – 8 this fall, you can register online.

I promise you that our program will be one of the best in the area. You can go anywhere for your child to receive their Sacraments or you can keep your children here where they will not only learn their faith, but grow to love their faith and their Savior, Jesus Christ. At Baptism, you made a promise to raise your children in the faith. Let us help you keep that promise by walking alongside your family toward the Kingdom of Heaven.

If this was sports, music, or dance, you would look around for the best program to help your child master the art not just the easiest one, right? I am confident that the E.A.G.L.E. leveled learning program that I developed and authored accomplishes that goal and truly develops life-ling disciples of Jesus Christ. 

I am happy to let you know that many parishes across the country have also begun to implement this program. Getting kids out from behind the desk and giving them the opportunity to encounter Jesus is the goal. Let’s put this on your calendar before anything else this fall and make it your priority.

If you have any questions, please contact me. You are welcome with open arms.

Again, I am looking forward to a "normal" year an hope you will be part of it.

May God be with you and your family.  

In the Potter's Grip,

Greg Crachiolo
Director of Children’s Religious Education
[email protected]